Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  •  Project of the Hassan II Academy: ....
  • Coordinator of Fez team of the Project : Quality of Dam Lakes in the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia): Silting and Eutrophication, for an integrated management of water resources supply. 2017(MAG/17/14) n°369155L (2017-2019): HUBERT CURIEN PROJECT: PHC MAGHREB
Former Projects

  • Member of the Project “Characterization of mining wastes and their impact on environment: case of the mine of JbelRessas and de SakietSidi Youssef (Northern Tunisia) and JbelAouam (Central Morocco)”. 79 / MT / 08. (2006 – 2008). Morocco - Tunisia Bilateral Cooperation Project
  • Coordinator of the Moroccan Team partner of the FP7 Project “Mediterranean Intermittent Rivers Management” (MIRAGE) (2009-2012): FP7-ENV-2007-1. European Project 
  • Member of the Project “Enhancing capacity for water-resource studies in Egypt and Morocco“. US Boost Program, US Department of State (U-Kentucky, U-West Michigan, U-Georgia) (2011- 2013). (Coordinator of Fez team): US Department of State Project
  • Member of the Project “Intermittent Rivers: Functioning, Hydrology and urban pollution” (2008 – 2010). FST of Fez and IRD (French Institute of Research for Development). IRD Project
  • Member of the Project “Integration of Remote Sensing Images and multisource data in GIS for urban mapping and urbanization tracking (Building an Urban GIS for the city of Fez)”. TIC Project Financed by Morocco Telecom (2008 – 2010) Morocco Telecom Project 

  • Coordinator of Fez team of the Project : Diagnostic of Natural and Artificial Recharge of Shallow Aquifers an Optimized Water Management in the Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia). 2014 (MAG/13/07) n°30254WL (2013-2015). HUBERT CURIEN PROJECT: PHC MAGHREB
  • Member of the Project “Noria”: Tempus IV Strengthening Innovation Strategy and Improving the Technology Transfer in the Water Technology  Sector of Morocco (Greece, Italy, Morocco, Spain). 2013-2015 Project